Gilles Assouline is the Chairman and the co-founder of the Eagle Group

The fields of expertise of Gilles Assouline cover Governance and Policy, Geopolitics, Mediation, Strategic Modeling, Corporate finance and Strategic development, Mergers and Acquisitions, IPO, Industrial Corporate Planning, Lean, Sales and Project Management.

Gilles Assouline developed his experience and designed solutions in Finance Technology for Large Scale front & back Office systems, Trading rooms, Credit / Debit Cards, Contactless and E-Payments, Digital Broadcast & TV, Film and Media industry, New Media, E Commerce, Large scale mining and industrial projects, Free Trade Zone & Deep Sea Ports, Hybrid Real Estate programs and rehabilitation works, Theme & amusement Parks, hotels & leisure projects, Pharmaceuticals Industry, R&D management and biotechnology modeling.

When in charge of the Economic and Strategic Studies departments of Elf Aquitaine and Sanofi, he conducted over 100 strategic studies (Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Financial & Oil markets, Refining, Distribution, Sulphur, Fertilizers, Plastics, Carbon fibers, Mining, Agriculture, Cosmetics, Construction and Logistics), relying on over one million data series used for statistics and forecasts. He is an expert in Computer Sciences and A.I.

Gilles Assouline is the former Chairman and/or CEO of Capital Media Group, the AAA group of companies, OM 40 -1st electronic Stock Exchange in France- Financiel, Sodinforg and Iparks-OI. He started as a Math professor, and conducted research in Strategic Modeling and System Dynamics at MIT / CCREMS - SLOAN SCHOOL (Cambridge USA).

Gilles Assouline is a Doctor in Mathematics (Decision & Modeling), Electrical Engineer from Supelec, Master of Sciences and Bachelor in Economics (Sorbonne) and Political Sciences. He has attended Medical School in Paris.


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